Reliable Safety Functions in the 2017 Ford Escape

Incorporating the newest features possible, the 2017 Ford Escape managed to set itself apart from other vehicles. Loaded with safety features and maximum comfort for your passengers, you can drive with complete confidence.
The Lane-Keeping System ensures you remain alert while driving. Once your vehicle becomes too close to a lane divider, your new Escape will vibrate the steering wheel to grab your attention. This feature helps directional steering and promotes safe driving.
The Automatic Parking Assistance feature is ideal for parking in tight situations. Whether your parking in a busy shopping mall parking lot or a narrow street, the sensors will safely place your vehicle in an appropriate parking position. This hands-free feature will safely guide you in the most secure parking position available.
The 2017 Ford Escape features torque balancing technology and advanced sensors, giving you a dependable journey. With these new features drivers can relax while cruising. You can spend more time enjoying your commute knowing your Ford Escape will keep you safe.
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