How Often Should You Clay Your Car?

You just bought a new vehicle from Vista Ford Lincoln of Oxnard, and you know claying is part of keeping it in good condition—but how often should you clay your car?

This is a question shared by many Oxnard drivers. Professional detailer Larry Kosilla says the number-one rule of claying is to only do it when the car needs it. Depending on how exposed your Ford is to the elements, that could be less than once a year, or it could be once a week.

So how can you tell if your car needs to be clayed?

After doing a regular wash, run your hand over the surface of the paint. Does it feel smooth as glass, or does it feel rough as sandpaper? If the paint feels dirty even though you just cleaned it, then it's time for the clay bar.

Claying your Ford doesn't take long when done correctly. Check out the video to learn how.

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