Ford Has Been Making Trucks for 100 Years This Month!

You know that the Ford F-150 is the best-selling pickup in America, but did you know that it has 100 years of engineering innovation behind it? Just over 100 years ago in July 1917, a nascent Ford Motor Company still led by the original Henry Ford launched its very first pickup truck.

The Model TT, as the name suggests, was almost a duplicate of the Model T, which had been the most popular car on the market for just under a decade. This early pickup was originally sold as just a chassis, capable of carrying a one-ton payload, which customers could add any body or bed to that they chose.

Things really changed for Ford trucks after World War II. Ford Motor Company had set aside civilian sales to build military vehicles for the Allies. After the war, Ford used their new expertise to create a new line of heavy-duty trucks, the Ford F-Series.

In the decades to follow, Ford made the F-Series more powerful, while at the same time making it more user-friendly. The pickup segment went from being rural farm equipment, to a comfortable vehicle for the whole family.

Finally, in 1975, Ford introduced the F-150 to the F-Series line, replacing the old F-100. Within two years, it was the most popular truck in America. With a century of expertise, it's sure to stay that way.

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