Easy Trunk-or-Treat Ideas for This Halloween

You need an easy idea for your community's trunk-or-treat event. You want something easy. Many Halloween projects aren't easy. Here are some ideas that buck that trend.

  • Pumpkin Land: There's nothing easier than loading up your hatch with pumpkins. It might cost a few bucks, but it'll save you tons of time and energy. You can even draw faces on the pumpkins if you're feeling extra motivated. You can carve if you're more serious.
  • Just Webs: You can usually get spider web material at any Halloween store. It's easy to hang and looks great. You can toss in a pumpkin or ghost, and you should be good to go.
  • Creep Dolls: Dolls are creepy even when it isn't Halloween. Pop a bunch of them in the back of your car, play some festive music, and marvel at how spooky they are.

If you're more serious about trunk-or-treat, you might be interested in a car that provides optimal cargo space to guarantee you all the room you need to make something great. Get in touch with Vista Ford in Oxnard, CA to learn more about what's available in our inventory of new cars.

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