Learn All About Alternators

While a battery is needed to initially start your vehicle, the alternator is necessary to keep the car or truck running. The alternator produces energy that is delivered to the electrical system and keeps the battery charged. The engine spins a wheel, which turns a wheel on the alternator to generate power. The process is similar to water flowing over a hydroelectric generator to produce electricity.

Signs that your alternator is failing may include "alt" or "gen" lights on the dashboard. The indicators may be intermittent or continuous depending on the electrical components that do not receive sufficient power. Other indications include dim dashboard or headlights. You might smell burning rubber if the alternator belt is failing. Sometimes, owners hear growling, screeching or whining noises.

When you notice electrical problems, bring your vehicle to Vista Ford of Oxnard where our team of qualified technicians quickly diagnose and fix the problem.

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