The 2018 Ford Taurus Comes with Powerful Engine Options

With its sleek and stylish look, the 2018 Ford Taurus draws approvals from consumers who love awesome-looking cars. The Taurus gains good marks for more than just its looks. The vehicle's power lets it stand out. And this particular model does boast some amazing power features.

The 3.5L EcoBoost engine brings two different types of technology together into one package. Direct injection and turbocharging come together to create a full 365 horsepower engine. Massive torque and RPM range result. Models with the powerful standard 3.5L engine can be purchased as well. The standard engine delivers more than 280 horsepower.

The Shifter Button Activation does something interesting with the engine's six-speed automatic transmission. With the Shifter Button, a driver can go from automatic transmission to manual. Drivers preferring more control over the vehicle might find the special ability to shift to manual transmission to be a solid feature.

Find out how the engine of the 2018 Ford Taurus really works by taking it for a test drive around Oxnard. You can take that test drive right here at Vista Ford of Oxnard.



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